September 2003
Fairfield Lake - Fairfield, TX
Fairfield Lake is about 3.5 hours from Houston. This is the first time we have been to this park and wont be the last. Many people have suggested we go to this one and we will be the one to pass this along to others. If you are a mountain biker, hiker or just like silence, this is the park to go to. We logged 6.5 miles this weekend on the bikes and didnt even run the TV the whole weekend!
It was a 3 day outing and we wish it could have gone on longer.
We had some family meet us there and had a big dinner with them before they departed.
There are no stores close by so get your goodies in the town of Fairfield on the way to the park. Check it out.
Entrance sign at the park. We are finally here!
Lots of deer in the park.
These are American Beauty Berries
Time out from a bike ride for a photo
Our site
Getting the bikes ready for some riding
Back at camp again after a long ride
Rhonda says just to forget the cooking and lets hike the trails
Turtles should never attempt to cross the street
Some family members came to visit and share in a group dinner
On the way home, we stopped at Huntsville SP and had a cookout
Rhonda checking the food for quality
We sure do hate to leave but we will be back!