September 2002
Huntsville State Park, Huntsville, TX
13-15 Sep 02  Prairie Branch
This is a nice site that is pretty level, shaded and looks out over the lake. It isnt right next to the bathrooms but is close enough to walk. We camped with some friends on this weekend and had a good time looking at photos of their past camping trips and some of ours of our trip to Japan. Friday night we did a group dinner of Steak and Saturday of Spaghetti. We didnt take our bikes to the park this time but will next time. This is the first outing using our new solar bunkend covers. They work great. Rhonda had to wear a sweater in the camper in 95 degree outside weather. No alligators this time but we saw a pretty good one from a distance that was swimming in the lake. We renewed our Gold Pass again this weekend so we are going to be camping for another year. Yeah!
Rhonda chilling out with a cup of coffee at the camp.
Breakfast anyone?
OK, is it time for the spagetti dinner yet? I am ready to fire up the stove.
Tim and Joe talking about the next camper modification.
Say Cheese!
Karen unpacking their vehicle.
Hey Joey, it is noon and you are still not out of bed!
Joey keeping watch over their camp.
Anyone got a spare hamburger?