October 2002
Lake Somerville Birch Creek Brenham, Texas
4-6 Oct 2002 Site 70. About 2 hours NW from Houston.
This was a return visit to Lake Somerville since the last time we were there we tent camped. We traveled with Shelby and Gerry from Dickinson. Shawn and Susan came in from Bryan. Kendra and Robert came in on Saturday from Webster. The weather was unusually hot and very humid for this time of the year but we did have a really good time with everyone in spite of the heat. Maybe the next outing will be a cool one.
This time we had 8 people group camp. Front L-R: Tim, Susan, Rhonda, Kendra. Back L-R Shawn, Shelby, Gerry and Robert. This was a good camp out. We had a really good time even with the weather.
Kendra and Robert with a portion of their tent, all set up and ready to camp.
Shelby and Gerry with their new Scamp travel trailer. Setup on that thing is a snap.
Susan and Shawn with their pup and Pop Up. They are from Bryan and camped with our group. This is the first time with them and we all hope to do it again.
Rhonda and Tim did some bike riding this weekend but no off roading. Cooler weather will make this happen.
Rhonda and Kendra looking for "shrub coons".
Shelby and Gerry wondering what a "shrub coon" is.
We visited Susan and Shawn's camp for a while. They have a nice set up.
And watched them make brownies in 2 Dutch Ovens. Thanks for the pre-dinner samples. They were really good.
Each family brought a dish for a group dinner Saturday night. We had spaghetti with meat, corn on the cob, salad with several choices of dressings, 2 choices of breads with seasoning and brownies for dessert. With all we had to serve, we could have fed another 6 people. Good job on everything yall.
We made up a new "Park Rule" where you have to go back for seconds and thirds!
After dinner we had us an outdoor movie. Kendra and Robert brought 3 DVD movies to choose from and we went for "The Rookie". Good movie and good company. This is a good idea for a group trip.
Here is Rhonda finishing up the dishes after breakfast while Tim shoveled the bugs out of the lantern.
Kendra and Robert break down their camp.
Here is Rhonda sending Gerry home with a chunk of carrot cake. We had brought along a cake and in the last minute she went around splitting it up to send home with Shelby and Gerry and Susan and Shawn. Kendra and Robert? You just left a little early.