Rhonda at the entrance
At The EXPO 2001
October 2001
5-8 Oct 2001  Site 55  McKinney Falls SP is near Austin off of US-183
This was the weekend of the State Parks Department's Annual EXPO which was held within a few miles of the park. This is where all of the state parks and vendors set up tents and displays to promote the park system. Along with the Expo, we managed to squeak in some hiking and biking. This is a really nice park and we would suggest it to anyone looking for camping and touring of Austin since it is so close. The weather was excellent.
McKinney Falls SP-Texas
Deer Visits
Hiking the Backwoods
End of the Trail
Rock Ledge Along the Trail
Rhonda Visits The Buffalo Soldiers
A Demo of an Officers Tent
Tim has a go with the Fishing Simulator
A demo of a rare Falcon Feather item
The Chief warms the Chief's Seat
I'm telling you Rhonda, it is going to get cold in the winter.