October 2000
6-9 Oct 2000  Shelter Site 11  About 4.5 hours N of Houston
This is the second shelter we rented. Boy were we slapping up the plastic and duct tape that weekend. We had 2 heaters blasting and tripping breakers on the shelter just loving it the whole time.  It got down to 28 degrees at night with gale force winds. Our daughter Kendra and a friend of hers from college came to spend a day with us and eat dinner. The next day, we threw a birthday party for a relative and had 4 more family visitors. I never knew a cake could catch fire until that day!
Martin Creek Lake SP-Texas
Our shelter for the weekend
The power plant across the lake at night
It is soooo COLD
Is the coffee ready yet?
Kendra and Julie come from college to visit
Which one gets the chair?
Hey, share some of that heater
David and Cathy came to visit too
We all celebrated a birthday later on