Lake Texana SP, TX
15-17 Nov 2002  Site #108  About 2 hour 15 minutes WSW of Houston
This is our second trip out in November. Wow. This time we camped with 5 other families from the South East Texas Pop Up Campers Club. This park is a very good one with lots of shade and what looks like half acre camping sites. We did plenty of biking and socializing with other members of the club. The weather got down to the high 30's and up to the mid 70's with totally clear skies. The deer, raccoons, squirrels and birds are as thick as mosquitos in July at this park. They love Cheetos, cookies and corn too. Some even eat right out of your hand. We biked trails and roads for about 10 miles total. The park staff held an educational presentation on Saturday and even let us pet a baby alligator! If you are looking for a great park, Texana is the place.
November 2002 (2)
Park entrance sign at Lake Texana.
This is our camp set up on a really huge site. The deer must use it for a freeway since there were so many of them. Sometimes they would shoot through there in full stride. We think the word was out that someone in another site had corn!
Shade was plentiful on this site.
We got in some pretty good bike riding on back trails and the roads.
The park headquarters had these really unique wind vanes for sale. This is just one of the many different ones. This cardinal has a spinning tail. We added something new and different to the inventory with this one. After oiling the tail with bike chain lube, it really would spin up.
Park rangers did a presentation on alligators. Here is one of them doing the show.
Here is a shot taken after the show. This is only about 1/3 of the people that showed up.
After the presentation, people were allowed to pet a baby alligator. Later on, the lady let us hold it. They are pretty soft.
Just a few of the SETPUCC members hanging around the camp fire.
Saturday night was quite a large group pot luck dinner.
Amber, Brandi and Joe at their camper.
We gathered some of the people and had another nice bike ride around allof the roads and trails. This trip 5 of us went out and the first one had 7.
A small group of deer munching corn in the group area of our site.
A different group taking their turn with the corn.
Our Group Shot
Here is our group photo. We had a total of 24 shown here but  we had 29 total.