November 2003
Martin Dies SP - Jasper, TX
8-12 Nov 2003 Site 92
It was back to Martin Dies, one of our favorite parks for a nice outing on a great weekend. The rain held off till about 20 minutes after we left the park and that is always a good thing.
No bike riding, even though we brought them we did a couple of day drives instead. Besides the typical blast through the Dollar Store and Wal-Mart in Jasper, we did a drive to the Fish Hatchery near Jasper, a trip to Sam Rayburn Dam and a drive into Louisiana with a BBQ dinner in Newton, TX on the way back.
If you are ever up in the area, a stop into the Hatchery is a must do. We didnt know you could get that many fish into a fiberglass tub!
This was really different on the cooking end of business. We discovered Golden Corral has a breakfast buffet.

The park entrance sign.
And wouldnt you know a very hungry cat found us. She liked milk. She hung out with the raccoons too.
We are all set up and ready to enjoy the few days we were there.
We are all set up and ready to enjoy the few days we were there.
Rhonda is about to get into some serious reading.
Our camp all set up.
The Fish Hatchery in Jasper. A really neat place to go. You ever seen wall to wall fish? This is the place. We saw thousands of Cat Fish they were transferring to a lake in Texas.
Where there are tons of fish, there are tons of birds. It must have been lunch time for them.
The season was about right for the trees to change. Here we saw one that looked as though it was on fire.
Since we really weren't that far from Louisiana, we took a trip there to see what we could see. Stopping at a visitors center, we were showered with lots of samples from the state, including several bags of Louisiana rice. It might just be about time to do some camping in this state. Rhonda picked up a lot of brochures on different places and they have a lot to offer.
Any way you say it, you are still there.
We found this historic cabin that is part of a museum located near the border.
They sure dont build them like they used to...
Back in Texas.
There is this small town, Newton Texas that is really fun to just look at. Really old buildings, nice people and...
Some of the best BBQ you could imagine. It is named Gunter's Log Cabin BBQ, right in the town center. Check out their sampler plate.
The place is full of neat things to look at.
The place is full of neat things to look at.
Now this would be a camping nightmare, wouldnt it? We think this camper might have just had a bit too much weight on the roof!
This family had the right idea.
On the way home, we saw this old motel sign and just couldnt pass it up. How retro does it get?
This was the last outing for us in 2003. What will 2004 bring? We will find out.