November 2002 (1)
Buescher SP-Texas
8-11 Nov 2002  Site #10  About 2.5 hours WNW of Houston
This is a good park for hiking, swimming in the lake, kids playground activities and a mecca for bikers. They have the cross country as well as the mountain bike roads and trails. The park connects via back roads to Bastrop SP and does not cost extra to go from one park to the other. Bastrop SP has a pool on site but camping is pretty poor. It would be a lot more enjoyable to camp in Buescher. Grocery stores and all are within 5 minutes of the park. This park also has a great group facility for party and reunion type use. We met with 2 other campers from Austin and Texas City. The weather was great and the site pretty good. The weekend went very well and this time we even had a camp fire.
Our Group
Here is our group for this campout. Front L-R: Karen, Beth, Glenn.  Back L-R: Joe, Joey, Rhonda, Tim
Our camper set up for the 4 day outing. The site was pretty good with some sun in the late afternoon. We spun the camper around in the site to be pointing towards our friends sites.
Rhonda giving Joey a big hug. This is a good kid and real fun to camp with.
Rhonda had this weird way of waking Joey up when he took a snooze in their hammock. Ouch!
Rhonda, Tim and Joey all bought these games that scan barcodes named ScannerZ. Here they are scanning everything that had a barcode on it. They can be connected together to play one on one or you can battle the monsters found in different product barcodes. You have to watch out for the code on plastic storage containers!
One of our two group dinners. Saturday night Rhonda and I made chili for the group. It cooked all day and was real good.
Joe and Karen go over digital camera programming and enjoy the campfire.
One of our two group dinners. Saturday night Rhonda and I made chili for the group. It cooked all day and was real good.
We took a rather long day trip to Inks Lake SP and saw this rock and cactus garden along the way. Here are Joe and Joey enjoying the small climb.
No Joe, not one more pop up modification! Not even free Pepsi's can convince me.
We combined dinner for Sunday night and Karen patted out the hamburger meat while Joe cooked.
Joey was the fire ring tender Sunday night. He split wood and kept it going at a roar for us. I think he is unprogramming Karen's camera in this shot.
Beth and Glenn enjoy the warmth of the fire.
Glenn was on the way to sleepy time but gave one last smile for the camera.
Here is a rock and cactus garden shot.
If you run uphill fast enough, you just barely make the photo in time.
Even Glenn tried his hand at climbing rocks. This is the most shure footed 2 year old I have ever seen.
Rhonda and Tim went into Smithville for several hours and found a couple of old train cars to pose on.
And in...
At the park, 2 retro campers pulled in. This is one of the first pop up campers from the 40's. A firm up north is making these to order for the "retro gotta have" people. The back end pops up for the kitchen. Wow!
Here we all are helping Beth get packed up and on her way back to Austin. Pretty cool camper yall and at a price that cant be beat.