May 2003 (2)
Rusk SP Rusk, TX
2 - 5 May 2003 Site #66

This is a Memorial Day weekend campout with 11 total for visits and 9 camping the weekend. On the site we not only had the pop up but 2 other tents as well. We just happened to get a site where the picnic table wasnt anchored down and that made a great second tent pad. All attending are relatives. Cities represented this weekend are two families from Dickinson, one from Angleton and one from Ben Wheeler. The weather was good but hot with a lightning show and a trace of rain Saturday night. Nine of us took a ride on the Texas State Railroad on Sunday which is a 4 hour round trip from one city to another. One new first rule of camping is that you dont put both hands in your pocket and walk into the tent in pitch dark, right Bill? :o) We did have a good time with all of you and hope to do it again real soon.
My best boss and train engineer, Rhonda at the park entrance.
Robert, Kendra and Rhonda at the entrance.
We had just finished sweeping the two tent pads and getting ready for the others to arrive.
Kendra and Robert set up while Ashley and Allison look on.
Kendra and Robert set up and ready to go.
Bill, Nancy and the girls tent all set up and ready to camp. They set this thing up so fast we didnt have a chance to take a photo of the process.
Tent pads occupied and set to go.
Hanging out and enjoying the conversations.
Nancy and two of the girls just kicking back.
This time we had 4 bikes at the camp. We have to watch out, this may become a club...
Bill is getting ready for a total blow out Saturday night dinner. We think he cooked close to 10 pounds of meat.
Rhonda's sister Nelda and her husband Bill came to visit us from Ben Wheeler. We sure liked having you two with us.
Kendra and Robert engaged in a card game with the kids. Looked like fun you all.
No campout is complete without a computerized photo slide show.
Robert got the fire up and going for some roasted and sometimes burned marshmallows.
Tim is chilling on a hot day. He likes electric fans.
Seven of us took to the very short but nice nature walk.
Rhonda captured a new cactus flower bloom.
The family.
L-R: Tim, Rhonda, Robert, Kendra, Allison, Ashley, Bill, Amber, Nelda, Nancy, Bill
Here is the train.
And the coal/water car.
Kendra and Robert on the train with Nancy waiting for the conductor to come punch their tickets.
Nancy and Allison enjoying the ride.
Tim, Bill, Ashley and Amber are ready to go.
Some of the odd buildings along the way.
The Tradin' Post.
Tim would never put coins on the track to see how flat the train would make them.
Upon return to the Rusk depot, we had our photo taken by an employee.
Kendra and Robert reading the instructions on the use of their new stove.
Kendra cooking the noodles for an Italian dinner on Sunday night.