May 2001
26-28 May 2001  Site # 33  About 2.5 hours WNW of Houston
This is a good park for hiking, swimming in the lake, kids playground activities and a mecca for bikers. They have the cross country as well as the mountain bike roads and trails. The offroad trails are rather tough so be ready for a good ride. The park connects via back roads to Bastrop SP and does not cost extra to go from one park to the other. Bastrop SP has a pool on site but camping is pretty poor. It would be a lot more enjoyable to camp in Buescher. Grocery stores and all are within 5 minutes of the park. This park also has a great group facility for party and reunion type use. We had a family member visit and spend the night with us. In LaGrange, not too far from the park is an old German brewery in ruins that you really should check out.
Buescher SP-Texas
Getting ready to set up
Ready to camp
Rhonda's new bike
We need to ride this road
I am not too sure about this road...
Here we are on the road from
Buescher to Bastrop SP
So much for this GFI breaker
Beep Beep... A Roadrunner
We had some family visitors for the night
Hey Russ, how does this thing snap anyway?
Karen and Russ enjoying the outside
Brewery In LaGrange
Panoramic of LaGrange brewery
Ruins of brewery.
All rock is local and cut by hand
At the old cellar door