May 2003 (1)
Lake Texana SP Edna, TX
10-11 May 2003 Site 94 Lake Texana SP in Edna Texas
This was just a two day one night outing but we got one in this weekend anyway. The weather was pretty nice on Saturday so we got in 5.6 miles of trail riding. Cousin Shelby and Gerry went with us so we had a 4 person group. Sunday was Mother's Day and was really hot and humid with no wind but didnt slow us down too bad. That is why they make A/C's for these campers isnt it? We mostly stayed outside but the AC was on just in case. Do you like pet deer? You should see this place. These deer hang around the camp sites like pets! Drop a chip and they are right there to scarf up on it. There are plenty of other wildlife around too.
The camping, hiking, biking and sites are good at this park.
Take me home
The park entry sign
This armadillo was on the move looking for bugs
There were a couple of fawns hanging around learning how to become pets of campers
It was fun to watch the babies hanging around just off the edge of the action
Dinner time for the little one
Cardinals were all over the place
They were even in the street
Caught in the middle of a run through the site
Checking for Frito's in the trees
A good Saturday evening dinner of ribs, chicken, beans and all sorts of good eats
Some time out at Shelby and Gerry's camp. That is their Scamp in the background. Gerry has some pretty neat mods going on that camper
Gerry working hard on the ribs
Mother's Day at the park and Rhonda is checking out her card as well as nursing the bo-bo on her knee. Those Injun traps are a bear
Rhonda all dressed up to enjoy the day
Our site this short trip out
Phred and all of his cousins would come around the site. They were sleeping in the trees too
Rhonda had the heart or stomach of this deer. She liked the Frito chips
We all thought this deer was going to knock Shelby down for the wheat bread
Here is Tim sharing some bread with the deer. You think she could have stretched her neck out any further?
Next in line please...
This is the first time Tim wore the new Texas camping shirt. This is pretty cool as it shows several key cities in the state
All packed up and ready to go. We sure hated to leave the park but all good things have to come to an end...