Camp Tyler
4 July 2003 Weekend  Site # 1

Actually this was Rhonda's sisters house. We parked next to their home and plugged right in. They have a camper power outlet on their home. How smart!
We enjoyed the weekend with them by going to a fireworks display and a day drive to Greenville Texas. It was a lot of fun.
Here is our set up for the weekend
This is the statue of Audie Murphy at his museum. Audie was born in Greenville.
Rhonda, Nelda and Bill in front of the statue.
Rhonda checking out one of the displays inside the museum.
The Puddin Hill Store. It is a sweet shop where everything is made on site. They have plenty of samples and a nice little cafe inside. You have to see it.
This doll house is made of chocolate. All of it!
So are these horses. They must weigh a ton.