February 2001
2-4 Feb 2001  About 5 hours NNW of Houston
This is the first time out in our new camper. Tyler is a nice park with plenty of recreation and hiking. Our daughter Kendra and her then fiance Robert came from their colleges to spend the weekend with us. They were married July 2001. Robert and I installed the ceiling heater strip while the ladies laughed at us. It wasnt our fault that the photos in the manual were reversed... Hey, it is the experience that counts isnt it? We had a good fire that weekend and did the Smore and marshmallow thing.  If you go to Tyler SP, be sure to bring along extra bread for the geese down at the lake.
Tyler SP-Texas
Kendra, Robert, Rhonda and Tim
Rhonda gets the roast ready
Then it is chow time
Kendra and Robert
It is Smore time!
Rhonda warms herself by the fire
High speed Smore production
The geese paid us a visit
Visiting with the geese
Group shot at the lake