Guadalupe River
7-12 Aug 2003 - Site # 65 KL Ranch on River Road

After a bit of confusion and a change of campgrounds, we ended up at KL Ranch on River Road. Our site was right on the river and had pretty good facility access. Weird that they lock the gate at 10pm and dont give you a combination so take your barbed wire cutters with you if you are staying out after 10pm. It also helps to take sacks of quarters for a shower! They give you a whopping 6 minutes of water for $1.00. Other than that, a private campground is good.
There was plenty of river swimming and floating on tubes as well as things to see in the area. Included in the day trips were Austin, San Antonio, San Marcos and several other small towns in the backwoods.
We were being visited for a couple of weeks by our grandson Austin from Oregon. This is the first time he has come to see us by himself and things went real well. Nevermind "Snake Rock" but the rest went great. Austin got to go to Austin.
Trying to get out of the first campground I managed to break a leaf spring in half so we ended up back in San Antonio to have a new spring made. That even went well and we were back on the road without too much effort plus the up side is that we got to visit San Antonio again. Pretty good excuse to go back I guess.
Now for the small world stories... Just after pulling into the campground and before setting up, I notices a familiar looking Harley come cruising by. It looked like Rhonda's brother and ended up he saw us too. They live a long way from us and the campground but just happened to be in the area for a few days to get some camping in. Second story, we were in San Antonio and I asked some people just getting off a tram if that was the Red Line. They said yes, took a few steps and called my name. They ended up being a couple I went to High School with. They were on vacation in San Antonio for a few days. I love it when that happens.
The time we had and spent together was super. Below are just a few of the photos taken during that time.
Austin City Limits
A day trip into Austin allowed us to see the new Texas State Museum, the capitol, watch the Congress Street bats pour out of the bridge and eat at a really neat place that had live country music.
Austin City Limits
A day trip into San Antonio allowed us to see the Alamo, take a boat ride on the river, do some market shopping, see a wild animal museum and eat at our traditional spot "Paseo del Rio" on the river.
San Antonio
Wonder World
A day trip into San Marcos allowed us to see the Wonder Cave. Well at least 2 of the 3 of us saw the cave. Something was up when I went into the cave and bailed out but Rhonda and Austin toured the cave for a couple of hours. Here are just a few of the photos. They had a lot of side attractions like a Whacky Shack, observation tower and animal park.
The Grist Mill
One evening we took a trip just a few miles from the campsite to an old gristmaill to eat dinner. This place is really neat.
Our Camp
KL Ranch on River Road
That wasnt funny with yall putting me out on the river like that. I woke up that morning way down stream. The walk back with my bed was a long one.
Rhonda and Austin taking a cruise down the river.
Austin and Tim finding out where the ledge drops off at. It looks like Tim found it first!
We couldnt believe this. Coin operated showers! This sort of thing makes the State Parks look even better. Good thing we had a free tub... the Guadalupe.
Rhonda and Austin taking a break from the action.
We end up running into Rhonda's brother Cody and his family. Totally unexpected. The meeting and dinner was great yall.
Austin getting himself a ride on Cody's Harley. By the looks of this, he was having a blast.
Austin in Austin...
The Texas State History Museum is great. Plan on nearly a full day for this one and watch the closing times carefully. See the Texas I-Max when you are there.
Inside the capitol building, Rhonda talked the security into letting Austin sit at one of the Senate seats for a photo. I think he is voting no to a tax increase. Thanks Austin.
A visit to the capitol building is alway something neat to do. We went nearly to the top, played with some big and little cannon's. Sneeked onto an elevator for a quick ride down and still had time for a ton of photos.
After the capitol, we went to the Congress Street bridge to watch scads of bats take flight right at dusk.
On down the road to San Antonio. Here we are at the Alamo.
A hollowed out log for resting.
Then onto a boat ride around the river in downtown San Antonio.
Finishing the day off with a dinner on the River at Paseo del Rio, a traditional spot we have been eating for years every time we go to San Antonio.
There were plenty of ducks and birds around to feed the extra chips to.
A quick pose outside of Wonder World.
Deep down inside the earth.
Getting dizzy in the Whacky Shack.
Winding down a great vacation at the Grist Mill.