Chain-O-Lakes Resort
August 2002
Chain-O-Lakes Cleveland, TX
30 Aug-2 Sep 2002  Site 95 About 1.5 hours NNE of Houston
This park has great sites, a small store, gift shop and a lot of lakes. There is also a really good swim lake without any gators too. The park is a good one as far as camping but the restrooms and shower houses need to be torn down and rebuilt. The price per night is abnormally high too. I guess we are spoiled on the State Park prices. We met with 3 other families from around the state and enjoyed the weekend with them. This is the first time we have met other campers like this.
Park Logo
Rhonda setting up the cardinal flag
And the traditional owl lights
Now all that is left is to raise the awning
Karen, Joe and Joey set up camp
Joe R, Joe H and Tim hanging out at the "R" camp
Amber, Joe and Brandi about to do a bike ride
Joe and Amber finishing up with dinner
Lindy and Chad kicking back and enjoying the evening
Rhonda finding something for us to snack on
Hey, Tim cooks, Rhonda does dishes. Fair trade off isnt it?
Here we are taking a break from the bike ride to Inspiration Point
Rhonda says "Do we really have to go now?"
No we really dont. Lets sit down again and enjoy this place a bit longer
Rhonda and Karen making what looks like 20 pounds of hamburger patties
Our group dinner
Hey a Dillo in the upright position!
This little raccoon hung around camp most of the weekend
And the Gator loved the lunch meat. It is on your nose silly!
Darn, we hate leaving... We managed to assemble in the last minute for a group shot. Front row L-R Chad, Joe H, Joe R, Tim. Middle row Lindy, Karen, Amber, Rhonda. Back row Zach, Joey and Brandi. We had a total of 4 families this weekend from Texas City, Dickinson, Pasadena and Tyler Texas. We sure did enjoy everyones company and hope to do it again soon.