April 2003
Martin Dies Jr. SP- Jasper, TX
17-21 April 2003 Site 176
This was the second trip to this park with the first outing being before camper. Some friends of ours did the campout with us bringing their Pop Up too. The weather was supposed to be really bad but we had about 1/2 inch of rain in the middle of the night Sunday. It didn't rain on our parade. The temperatures were unseasonably cool as the year has been so far. We got in over 13 miles of bike riding mostly on the trails and some road riding. The park is a high budget one with plenty of things to do.
Another good outing goes into the books!

Day Trip to Jasper
We always try to do a day trip around the area just to see what there is to see. This time we went to the town of Jasper which is about 12 miles from the park. What a nice town of people! We drove around a large residential section and noticed that not one person failed to wave at us or say hello. This is the nicest little town we have been to yet. There are a whole lot of wonderful homes there too. Here are some photos of the town.
Day Trip to Heritage Village
Another day trip taken was to a museum named Heritage Village located a couple of miles west of Woodville, about 20 miles west of the State Park. This is a nice reconstructed village of a western town. The price is $4 per adult and well worth it. The tour is self guided and takes about 2.5 hours if you try to absorb the place. We hear the restaurant is really good. We will have to try it out next time. Their Web Site.
Park entrance
Our camp
Some cypress trees
Big pano of a swamp
One of many lakes
Is it time for another trail ride?
Burning up the trails
Something new to add to the awning
That darned wind!
Breakfast time
Taking a breather on the trails
Dont I look nice and fresh?
Mama bird wondering what is going on out there
Phred the squirrel checking things out
It really is the Easter Bunny!
The toilets were a bit primitive... :o)
Our camping buddies Susie & Shawn
Their camper and site setup
Shawn cooking the Easter ham
Did you do the goodies Tim?
We finally got those dirty flaps clean
Tim, Rhonda, Susie and Shawn
Wonder where they graduated?
The city center and courthouse
Jasper County jail
Murals are all over the town
Here is another one
A very small section of the village
The iron works
The iron works
Chair shop
The bank
Time for school to start!
Barn for making split shingles
Please dont try it Rhonda...
Here is a good Justice of the Peace
Rhonda's new office even has a heater
In the carriage house
Pump faster for more water
If you dont take your seat, you cant have any pudding!
I know it is printer but where is the USB connector?
OK, a 10 pound bag going to New York? That will be 16 cents please...
Funny, the stuff coming from this still isnt Shiner Bock like I expected.
Tim promises he wont make any more Shiner Bock once we get out of here.